The 10 LEAST populated countries in the world. 2019

10 countries with the lowest population in the world:

1. Sealand

First in the list of the 10 least populated countries, there is a platform-island country founded in 1967 by the former majors of the British army, Roy Bates and his family, whose legal status is controversial. Its population is only 27.The 10 least populated countries. 1. pic

2. Pitcairn Islands

The population of the country, which is a volcanic island to the south of the Great Ocean, is a rugged semi-crater, approximately 300 m above the surface from the sea. Surrounded by steep rocks, the island reigns of an astropic climate.The 10 least populated countries. 2. pic

3. Vatican

The Vatican City, officially Vatican City State, is an independent state, the administrative center of the Catholic sect of the Christian religion in Rome, Italy. Its population is 799.The 10 least populated countries. 3. pic

4. Tokelau

It is a dependent region in New Zealand in the Big Ocean. Its population is 1,337 compared to 2014. The country name means north wind in Polynesian. The island was named United Islands or United Group in the processes it was discovered by explorers.The 10 least populated countries. 4. pic

5. Niue

One of the 10 least populated countries is Niue. The island, which is partly connected to New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, has a population of just 1,612.The 10 least populated countries. 5. pic

6. Falkland Islands

The population of the archipelago, located in the South Atlantic Ocean in the east of Patagonia, is 3,398.The 10 least populated countries. 6. pic

7. Saint Helena

The volcanic-based island, named after Byzantine Helena, is located in the south of the Atlantic Ocean. Its population is only 4,349.The 10 least populated countries. 7. pic

8. Montserrat

Earthquakes and lava flows frequently occur on the island in the Antilles region in North America, since volcanic movements maintain their vitality. Its population is 5,164.

9. Nauru

Nauru, an oval-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean, ranks 9th among the 10 countries with the least population in the world. The population of the country is 11,200.

10. Tuvalu

The population of the country, consisting of 9 coral islands in the Great Ocean, is 12,177.

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