The 10 MOST preferred metropolises in the world. 2019

The 10 most preferred metropolises in the world:

1. Hong Kong: 26.7 million visitors

The top city in the 10 most preferred metropolises  in 2019 was Hong Kong despite all the political problems. Despite a decrease of approximately 40 percent in the number of visitors to Hong Kong in the second 6 months of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018, 26.7 million people visited Hong Kong in 2019. 10 most preferred metropolises. 1. pic

2. Bangkok: 25.8 million visitors

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is also the country’s largest city with a population of 8.5 million. There are many water channels in the city, which is divided into two by the Çao Phraya river. Thailand’s currency is Bahti. However, it is possible to shop with currency in Bangkok. 25.8 million people visited Bangkok in 2019, which attracts attention with its Buddhist temples, markets, restaurants, water canals and nightlife. 10 most preferred metropolises. 2. pic

3. Macau: 20.6 million visitors

Casino tourism is intensive in Macau, an autonomous region of China. For this reason, it is also known as Las Vegas of the Far East. Visa is not required for Macau, which is preferred because gambling is prohibited in China and Hong Kong. 20.6 million people visited Macau in 2019 due to the world’s longest bridge on the sea with Hong Kong.

4. London: 19.6 million visitors

There are different options for people of all ages in the capital of England, which is one of the most visited countries in the world. The population of the city, built on a river like other European metropolises, is about 9 million. London, which is the 2nd most visited city in 2017, visited 19.6 million jobs in 2019.10 most preferred metropolises. 4. pic

5. Singapore: 19.8 million visitors

Singapore, which was visited by 19.8 million people in 2019, has only the city of Singapore since it is a city-country. There are about 40 islets of his own. In the city, where the temperature and humidity are high, there is heavy rainfall. In the city, which is famous for its prohibitions, activities such as not cleaning the car, chewing gum, not flushing, yelling and feeding the birds have considerable penalties.10 most preferred metropolises. 5. pic

6. Paris: 19.1 million visitors

Known as the City of Light, Paris was visited by 19.1 million people in 2019 with its monuments, cultural and artistic life. It is also among the economic and political centers. It is the capital of fashion and luxury. In the city built on the river Seine, summer and winter months are mild.10 most preferred metropolises. 6. pic

7. Dubai: 16.3 million visitors

It is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian peninsula. With the presence of oil in the region, it became a city of tourism. 85 percent of those living in the city are foreigners. When the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the biggest shopping mall (Dubai Mall) and the highest hotel is in Dubai, we can say that it is the city of ENs. In Dubai, police are getting into cars like Ferrari and Bentley. In 2019, 16.3 million people visited the city.10 most preferred metropolises. 7. pic

8. Delhi: 15.2 million visitors

Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the oldest known cities in the world. It consists of two parts: Old and New Delhi. There are many historical monuments in Old Delhi. New Delhi was built with the arrival of the British. The city was visited by 15.2 million people in 2019, where the air pollution was so high that the planes could not land, and the traffic flows chaoticly.

9. Istanbul: 14.7 million visitors

Located in the territory of these two continents, Europe and Asia and by three bridges connecting the city’s history extends as far as the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire has now become the largest city in Turkey’s situation. The city has a very rich cultural structure due to the fact that it was the capital of the biggest states of history. In 2019, 14.7 million people visited Istanbul.

10. Kuala Lumpur: 14.1 million visitors

The word meaning of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is “muddy place”. Since it has a tropical climate, it has a warm and humid weather throughout the year. Famous for its skyscrapers, street vendors and markets, the city visited 14.1 million people in 2017. The city’s most famous skyscraper is the 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers, reaching a height of 452 meters.

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