Top 10 moments of Kobe Bryant’s career

Kobe Bryant spoke about the 10 BEST moments of his career:

1. Los Angeles Lakers – Toronto Raptors 2005 – 06 Regular Season Match / 81 Points

Top 10 moments of Kobe Bryant’s : Kobe Bryant recounts the TOP 10 memories of his career as follows: “I’m in the circuit‘ I will follow them. I will not stop, “I said. It was so. I realized that I had a special evening when Lamar came to me at every break and said, “You are having a special evening.” He said to me, ‘You can’t throw 50’. “You can’t throw 60,” he said next. Finally he came up to me and said, “Okay, go 80 at that time!” Until that time, it was possible for me. I worked hard that summer, but really. I was running very fast all day. I was doing a lot of shooting work and my shots were well developed. If I couldn’t get my feet off the gas, I could play 80-point matches.

The most important thing for the players who imitate me: Never limit your dreams. People may think you are crazy, but as athletes, we can make people who do not see this possible. After what exactly I did, Brian Shaw came to me and said, ‘Man, you’re really crazy. You said you would do it in time, but I thought you were crazy. I will not say he is crazy anymore. “

Top 10 moments of Kobe Bryant’s
2. Indiana Pacers – Los Angeles Lakers 2001 NBA Finals 4. Match / First Challenge

“I really wanted to play. Phil came up to me and ‘I think you shouldn’t be playing this game. Maybe it’s better to lose a match, “he said. I took a look at him and said, “I think this man is crazy”.

While working with Garry Vitti in training the next day, we heard a very loud sound from my ankle. It was really loud. He looked at me and said, ‘It can be good or bad. With this sound, you can move, play or I broke your ankle and you closed the season, “he said. I stood up and felt good. I ran light and got better. The swelling was still standing and very large, but I did not feel as painful as before. It took me a while to get used to this swelling, but after getting used to it, everything returned to normal. ”

3. Los Angeles Lakers vs Toronto Raptors 2012 -13 Regular Season Match / Last Efforts
Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors 2012 – 13 Regular Season Match / Achilles Tendo Break

In 2013, we were five games behind the playoff pot when entering All-Star. So I had a lot of motivation. But I was 34 years old and didn’t have young feet. I pushed us to get us into playoffs because every match was important. I did everything I could to win every game. We had officially lost the match we played with Toronto.

Golden State was always trying to steer me to the left in that match. I made one of the factors I always made and moved to the left. But suddenly it broke … As soon as I fell to the ground, I realized that there was a problem with my achilles tendon and it broke. I was hoping for something miraculous like rubbing it back into place. Trying everything at that moment comes from within.

But I knew what had happened to me. I stood up and tried to walk, struggling to stay on the field for a few more minutes. It was black and white for me at that moment. Can I overcome this in the last few minutes of the match and play some more? This was impossible. So I had to go on the field and put all my weight on my other foot and put both free throws. Because I didn’t want them to choose who to shoot the free throw. My job was to do this and I did. When I took the free throws, I took a few steps backwards and felt the pain increased. For this reason, it was not healthy to continue. ”

4. Los Angeles Lakers – Utah Jazz 2015 – 16 Regular Season Final Match / Farewell and Final Recital

“I could feel the excitement in the air on the day of my last game. When I entered the hall, it was like I was in the NBA Finals. The number of cameras and press officers in the hall was more than I have ever seen. It was a surreal event for me to be announced to the audience by Magic Johnson, my favorite player of all time, in my last game in Lakers, my team, which I have been holding since 20 seasons.

While announcing to the audience, I said to myself ‘Okay, now you will go on the field and play. I don’t get stuck tonight. ‘ I could feel disappointed when I missed the first shot or whatever I shot. I thought to myself ay Wow this is funny. Everyone is watching and I remember thinking I will throw 0/40 ‘.

Shaq said that you can’t score 50 points when I hit shots in a row. I laughed at that moment. My legs were very tired towards the end of the match. With my long years of experience, I knew how to shoot with just my arms.
When I went to the free throw line on the last ball, I was pretty worried. There were 58 counts and you couldn’t stop at 59. At that point I say to myself ‘Okay, just put these two free throws. I don’t even remember how many free shots I had during my career. I have to put two more. “

I knew many of my old teammates would come. At the end of the match, I did not expect them to be on the field, but it was a great moment. I haven’t seen some of my friends in a very long time. We have a special bond with all of them. It is impossible to believe that everything ends like this.

Top 10 moments of Kobe Bryant’s
5. Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics 2010 NBA Finals / Revenge

Kobe Bryant described one of the top 10 moments of his career as follows: “That team had one goal in mind. We were very angry with what Celtics did to us, and Orlando appeared in the meantime. We did a lot of damage. We knew very well what to do and how to defend before the series. We knew that Dwight would defend a little behind, so I would find an empty shot whenever I wanted after the double games. Then it was just playing it right and shooting it. I did this too.

When we were champions the previous year, Garnett was injured and absent. I did not want to hear that the only reason we won this championship was the absence of Garnett. So I wanted to meet and download them while everyone was on the field. We had to win. I didn’t care how it would be. We just had to win.

I wasn’t shooting well in match 7 and I had to look at other areas of the game. I had to find other areas where I could be effective. Celtics were a very good defensive team and were generally good at rebounds. I also focused on this point. Defeating them seemed to have registered our first championship. I will not forget that relaxation. ”

6. New York Knicks – Los Angeles Lakers 2008 – 09 Regular Season Match / Madison Square Garden Record

“If I remember correctly, Andrew Bynum was injured in our previous match, Memphis, and he could not play for a long time. After losing in the finals against Celtics last season, he said to ourselves that season ‘This is our season. We are playing well, we have good staff and we will be champions. ” But because Andrew was injured, I could feel the team’s energy dissipated. Our chances seemed to have decreased in this case.

I didn’t go anywhere before that game. I sat in the room and thought about the match. I wouldn’t joke on the field. I had only one thing in mind: “We will win that championship this season, no matter who is disabled.” I didn’t care what it was. This was my mentality.

While on a break towards the end of the match, Phil (Jackson) came up to me and said, ıs You have to put these free throws. Thus, you will be breaking the record, “he said. I looked towards him and said, ‘What is this saying?’ Because I was not aware of the Madison Square Garden record. But if I had to put free throws, I would do this. I struck two free throws and everyone was applauding me as I came to the side. It was a special moment. ”

7. Los Angeles Lakers – Phoenix Suns 2006 NBA Playoffs 4.Match

“I remember drippling to the right and aiming to surprise the defense. I wanted to make some space for myself and throw the floater. Then I threw it. At the end of the overtime, Luke Walton and Steve Nash were on the air shot. I looked at him before the shot, saying, “This ball would be good for me.”

The most surprising thing in the match was Luke’s taking that shot of air. After checking the ball, it was very easy for me because I would do what I did 1000 times in training. I slipped the defense a little and went to where I was comfortable and threw my shot…

Top 10 moments of Kobe Bryant’s
8. Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers 2003 – 04 Regular Season Final Match

“I got the ball in the end of the game. Ruben Patterson was putting pressure on me. At that moment, it was all about me finding a gap and having a good opportunity towards the circle. When I got this opportunity, I was going to go up and score. Because I knew it wouldn’t bounce.

The situation at the end of the extension was much more complicated because there was very little time left. Theo Ratliff suddenly appeared before me and was about to block my ball. It might even have rubbed against the tip of your nail. Immediately after throwing the shot, his hand touched my fingers. In fact, I think it even helped the shooting.

If he hadn’t come over me, I would have probably shot a flatter shot, but I had to shoot a more curved shot because of it. In my interview after the game, I said, “I told my teammates that if they make me a good curtain, we will go home with a win.”

9. Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks 2005 – 06 Regular Season Match

“I was very motivated before that match. Del Harris was on the rival and I saw him as an opportunity to ask me to account for not playing too much in my first year. This was definitely a source of motivation for me.
I didn’t know exactly what happened then, I couldn’t understand.

Brian Shaw came towards me in the last quarter and asked if I wanted to enter the game when he scored 62 points in three quarters. I looked at Skora and told him that I did not want to enter the game, that we had already won the game and brought me ice bags. He said to me, “Are you crazy? You have to enter the game again, you can even score 80 points. ” I looked at him and said, “You know what? I will throw 80 another time. ” He sat down and said, “You’re crazy.” 

10. Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers 2002 NBA Playoffs

Kobe concludes the narration of the 10 best moments of his career as follows: “Our struggle with Sacramento was really complicated. We had no idea how to stop the quick start of their game. Before the match ‘Okay, now we focus. We were playing hard and struggling with the right energy from the air shot, and then we dropped 15 points back without understanding what happened. It was a very explosive team, they were playing with passion. They were playing the game very fast and we found ourselves stuck in a corner at once.

7. They lost the match, we did not win. They missed a lot of free throws and empty shots. If you are a champion team, you should evaluate your opponent’s weaknesses. It was an incredibly tiring game. But at that time I was only 23, and after the game, I was just tired for 5 minutes and then I was ready again.

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