World’s 10 Biggest Earthquakes. 2019

World’s 10 Biggest Earthquakes:

1. Chile 9.5

Chilean earthquake, which took place on May 22, 1960 and is the biggest earthquake measured by the Richter scale, ranks first in the ranking of the world’s 10 biggest earthquakes. This earthquake, the center of which is the city of Valdivia of Chile and has a severity of 9.5, has reached approximately 1000 km. 2 million people were left homeless, about 3000 were injured, and about 1650 died. Economic damage has exceeded $ 2 billion. The 25-meter tsunami it caused has reached Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii and South Africa. 10 Biggest Earthquakes. 1. pic

2. Alaska 9.3

The second place is the Alaska earthquake, which took place on March 27, 1964 and was a magnitude 9.2. The 25 km deep earthquake was 4 minutes 38 seconds The earthquake was so strong that it was felt in all US states except Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. Experiencing the earthquake in Alaska, one of the low populated areas, prevented the loss of lives. 131 people died, 15 from earthquakes and the rest from tsunami. The shape of the Alaska coast changed with the earthquake.10 Biggest Earthquakes. 2. pic

3. Indonesia 9.1

The severity of the earthquake that took place on December 26, 2004 and which was named as the Indian Ocean Earthquake was 9.1 magnitude. 228.000 people lost their lives due to the earthquake affecting 14 countries. The earthquake lasted about 10 minutes and became the world’s longest earthquake. The whole planet trembled by 1 cm during the earthquake. The waves, which were formed with the effect of the earthquake and reached a height of 30 meters, began to reach the shores 20 minutes after the earthquake. A worldwide donation of 14 billion dollars was collected due to earthquake.

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4. Japan 9.0

The severity of the earthquake that occurred in the Tohoku region on the east coast of Japan on March 11, 2011 was 9.0. Due to the 6-minute earthquake that was 29 km deep, 20,000 people died and 2,500 people died. The tsunami waves reaching up to 40 meters reached the coast at a speed of 700 km / h, reaching 10 km inside, causing 3800 people to disappear. Damage caused by the earthquake was $ 300 billion.10 Biggest Earthquakes. 4. pic

5. Russia 9.0

The magnitude of the earthquake that took place on November 4, 1952 in Kamatka region of Russia was recorded as 9.0. The 9-meter high waves formed as a result of the earthquake reached Hawaii. After the earthquake, most Severo-Kurilsk citizens fled from the first tsunami wave to the hills. However, most of them returned to the city and were killed by the second wave. The third wave was small. According to officials, 2,336 people died from a population of 6,000 people. 10 Biggest Earthquakes. 5. pic

6. Chile 8.8

The earthquake that occurred on February 27, 2010 was measured as 8.8. The epicenter of the earthquake was 325 kilometers southwest of the capital Santiago and 115 kilometers from the city of Concepcion. The earthquake, which occurred 35 kilometers underground, lasted about 3 minutes. In the earthquake that affected 2 million people, 500 thousand houses were destroyed or seriously damaged. The earthquake also caused a power cut that lasted several days in some places, affecting 93 percent of the Chilean population. Roads, bridges and some hospitals were destroyed due to the earthquake. According to official sources, 525 people died, 25 people disappeared, and about 9% of the population in the affected areas lost their homes.

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7. Ecuador 8.8

The earthquake that occurred in Ecuador on 31 January 1906. The tsunami waves that occurred after the earthquake spread across the Pacific Ocean and were observed at tidal measurement stations in countries such as Panama, Japan and the USA. More than 1000 were lost due to the earthquake. About 1000 people lost their lives. After the earthquake, a tsunami wave destroyed 49 homes and killed 500 people in Colombia. This earthquake has been the 7th biggest earthquake since 1900.

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8. Alaska 8.7

There was no loss of life in the 8.7-magnitude earthquake that occurred on February 4, 1965 off Alaska’s Rat Islands, as there was no one on the island. Most of the material damage occurred due to the tsunami waves that occurred.

9. Tibet 8.6

Earthquake The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on August 15, 1950 affected Assam of India and Tibet region of China. Approximately 4,800 people lost their lives. The earthquake, unlike the others, was caused by the collision of two continental plates.

10. Indonesia 8.6

The severity of the earthquake that occurred on 28 March 2005 off the west coast of Indonesia was measured as 8.6. 915 people died, mostly on the island of Nias. Tsumani, which occurred after the earthquake, caused panic, but created a relatively small tsunami. It was the third strongest earthquake in Indonesia since 1965. It was felt in Bangkok and Thailand, 1,000 kilometers from the center.

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